“Trust, Respect and Racial Microagressions in the Workplace" (26511)

Racial Microaggressions (RM) was first coined by psychiatrist Chester M. Pierce when he used the term to describe the barrage of “insults and dismals” he  witnessed Black people being subjected to by non-Blacks (Pierce, 1970). RM are defined as subtle discriminatory verbal and non-verbal messages directed at people of color (Sue, 2007). Sue (2007) and his team of colleagues began examining the presence of RM among Black people in a clinical setting. There is little research focused specifically on RM in the workplace (Davis, et al., 2016; Hook, Farrell, Van Tongeren, Davis, DeBlaere & Utsey, 2016).This research study will examine the affect of RM on self-worth in the workplace among Black professionals. This study is relevant now more than ever as seminal research has shown RM tobe potentially harmful to the mental health and wellness of Black Americans in the  workplace (Davis et al., 2016; DeBlaere & Utsey, 2016; Nadal, 2014). In addition, the lack of trust and respect will be factored into treatment of employees.

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Journal Article
Dr Robert A. Krell
Dr Pat D'Urso
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Journal of Social Change
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