The Islamist Experiment: The Development of Islamism in Somalia


Islamism, oppressed under President Said Barre, appeared as a prominent force in Somalia following the collapse of the Barre regime in 1991. Since then, three Islamist groups have attempted to exert control over significant portions of the country: the al-Itihaad al-Islaami in Western Somalia, the Islamic Courts in North Mogadishu and the Islamic Courts Union in Mogadishu, which rapidly expanded across the country in 2006.  Although each attempt failed after achieving early success, Islamism in Somalia is an ongoing process, and each incarnation has proven stronger and more capable than the previous one. This paper will examine each of the major Islamist attempts to gain control in Somalia and provide a possible scenario for future Islamist regimes in the country.   

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Journal Article
R. Bennett Furlow
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Spring 2009
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Thursday, April 2, 2009
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