This area is designed as a space to anchor various content related to the 2018 KWB Research Summit. It provides an opportunity to share information and offer a forum where participants and attendees can share updates, stories, and questions. You are encouraged to help promote and build excitement about the symposium by engaging with each other in the comment section below.

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Register for the Summit

The research summit conference takes place Tuesday, August 14th until Friday, August 17th, 2018.  The conference is virtual this year- no travel is required- and free to attend!  You can sign in from your office, home den, or on the road- all you need is an internet connection.  Register today by clicking here >>

Call for Proposals - Closed

We are aware of the technical issues with UOPX sites affecting classrooms and email domains.  The deadline has been extended to Friday, June 22th, 2018, 11:59 PM.  This provides additional time for applicants to be able to access their verification email and allow faculty and students to prioritize classrooms issues when the sites are restored.  Any updated instructions will be posted on the FAQ pages (for example, how to verify your account during system issues, when to submit).  

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Read the call for proposals to learn what tracks are being accepted and when proposals are due.  Ready to submit your proposal?  

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  • Questions can be related to the call or about attending the symposium.
  • A member of OSS will be monitoring this space frequently and will respond to general questions as necessary. 
  • More specific, individual case type questions regarding the call can be directed via email to OSS@phoenix.edu. In the subject line write your last name and KWBA 2018 proposal. Commonly emailed questions will be below as a resource to all. 

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Various KWB advocates and planning committee member will be writing blogs about virtual conferences leading up to KWB 2018.  Read these blogs by navigating to the Blogs page using the left menu.  Do you want a blog you would like to write?  Reach out to us at oss@phoenix.edu.  

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dproudfoot's picture | May 24, 2018 10:03 am MST

Comments can include presenter/attendee updates, announcements, reflective stories, and/or questions. You are encouraged to help promote and build excitement about the symposium by engaging with each other in the comment section below. Images can be incorporated in comments as well. 

Chara Price's picture Chara Price | May 24, 2018 11:22 am MST
Hello all! If you are interested in serving as a peer-reviewer or conference advocate, reach out to us at oss@phoenix.edu
Erik Bean's picture Erik Bean | June 14, 2018 2:28 pm MST

Let me add for those who may be on the fence for submitting and/or attending, since virtual conferences often include permanent web pages devoted to the conference schedule and proceedings, presenting at a virtual conference can add much value and visibility to your personal Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Such proceedings allow likeminded researchers to discover your talents. Presenting offers unparalleled visibility. Your contributions at such conferences help to complement your scholarly repertoire. The more readily the academic and professional community can find and see your valuable marks, you demonstrate a lasting and permanent track record of engagement unique to your subject matter expertise (SME). If you choose to attend you also can make an impact by becoming engaged, asking questions and making your voice heard just like you can at any such symposium. This is your chance to network like never before! Apply now!

dproudfoot's picture | June 14, 2018 4:10 pm MST

Thank you Dr. Bean for sharing this important reason to attend. I have added it to our list of reasons for why someone may want to attend a virtual conference. Visitors to this page can find a listing at the top on the left side of their screen.