Mixed Method Webinar

Mixed Method Webinar

On April 26, Dr. Ryan Rominger conducted the Mixed Method Webinar. This webinar is one of a series of webinars that happen once a month providing details and support about the different methodologies and designs from the research methodology group.

The Mixed Method Webinar Covered the Below Topics (Highlights from the agenda)

  • Brief introduction & why I am interested in Mixed Methods research

    • Own research past and current, Sage Pub, dissertations.
    • Latest books on the Mixed Methods Research
  • Mixed Method Assumptions

    • Often, philosophical foundation is pragmatism (use the method that gets the data which answers your questions)
    • Combining Qual and Quant help minimize problems within both
    • Combining helps ‘triangulate’ phenomenon to better understand what is happening
  • Main ‘types’ of MM designs

    • Sequential mixed methods
    • Concurrent mixed methods
    • Transformative mixed methods
  • Challenges

    • Can take more time
    • Can take more resources (money, personnel)
    • Need skills for both Qual and Quant methods
    • Trouble determining when to merge/synthesize strands
    • Trouble with unclear research questions – note suggestion to have one overall ‘mixed method’ RQ and within that, method specific RQs
    • Some combinations do not mix well
    • Questions

18 faculty attended the webinar, and we had a very spirited discussion on all the aspects of the Delphi Method. Slides and Recording available at Mixed Method Webinar

If you have any question, please contact: EducationalTechnology@phoenix.edu


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