Delphi Method Webinar

Delphi Method Webinar

On April 12, Dr. Phil Davidson conducted the Delphi Method Webinar. This webinar is one of a series of webinars that happen once a month providing details and support about the different methodologies and designs from the research methodology group.

The Delphi Method Webinar Covered the Below Topics (Highlights from the agenda)

  • Characteristics of the Delphi Technique

    • Qualifier: The Delphi Technique seeks consensus of a group of experts, but the actual research focuses on anonymity of the participants to one another to avoid issues of pressure or groupthink.
    • Authors referenced: (Dalkey, 1967) and Turoff and Linstone (1975)
  • Origins of the Delphi Technique

    • 1950’s: RAND Corporation under direction of the U.S. Air Force, develop the Delphi Technique. Purpose? To FORECAST how many atomic bombs Russia would have to deliver to completely destabilize the U.S. infrastructure.
  • Theoretical Framework

    • Prediction theory is the theoretical framework supporting research using the Delphi Technique.
  • The Methodology

    • A tool to use for forecasting possible future solutions for problems that are unclear or data is missing.  Usually considered a qualitative tool.
  • Obstacles Faced by Students and Faculty
  • Application Examples of the Delphi process
  • Different types of Delphi designs
  • Q&A

33 faculty attended the webinar see link, and we had a very spirited discussion on all the aspects of the Delphi Method. Slides and Recording available at Delphi Method Webinar

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