Case Study Webinar

Case Study Webinar

On Feb 15, Dr Kebritchi conducted the case study webinar. This webinar was the first of a series of webinars that will be happening once a month providing details and support about the different methodologies and design from the research methodology group.

The Case Study Webinar discussed the following topics:

  • Overview about Case Study

    • Brief definitions were discussed
    • Case studies can be single-case and multiple-case designs
    • The role of theory in case studies were discussed
  • Why and when to use a Case Study
  • Type of relevant questions relevant to a case study
  • Case studies can be: Descriptive, Exploratory and Explanatory
  • The use of case study data collection was discussed
  • Lack of rigor
  • Little basis for generalization
  • Too long, massive data, unmanageable documents
  • How to carry out a successful Case Study
  • Major Issues and challenges related to Case Study

47 Plus faculty attended the webinar, and we had a very spirited discussion on all the aspects of case study introducing the primary theorists

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