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The Developers of NVivo would like to invite you to an NVivo 12 (newest version) complimentary webinar for University of Phoenix showing what is new in NVivo 12 and how you can use NVivo throughout all the stages of the research process from the literature review, to data analysis, to publishing articles & dissertations. 

The NVivo 12 webinar, Using NVivo as a Research Tool will cover how NVivo can assist with your research in the following ways:
  • Literature Review: Efficiently organize and tag literature, easily keep track of critical quotes, and track ideas across many articles 
  • Coding: Code your literature, interviews, surveys, and any other data you may collect in a single, convenient location and analyze all your data for multiple articles in one NVivo project.
  • Analyzing Data: Using queries to uncover potential themes, understand words in context, and explore relationships
  • Findings: Gather together all your research findings in a single location, making it easy to link your literature and your data, and to easily find quotes to illustrate themes 
  • Publish: With all your data organized and analyzed in an NVivo project, writing happens quickly and easily. Generate rich visualizations in NVivo, which can be exported and included in an article or presentation 
Date – Thursday, April 5
Time – 1 PM EDT (45 minutes)
Please forward to colleagues who might like to attend


Ryan Rominger's picture Ryan Rominger | March 29, 2018 9:54 am MST

Note that this is an offer from the developer. Ryan Rominger will not be the host, moderator, or involved in the presentation of the material!!!

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