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Research Chair: Rodney Luster

Thank you for attending the 2020 event. We are already busy looking at 2021 and will be updating this page in late November with details on the 2021 conference!


We invite you to join our annual research event known as the Knowledge Without Boundaries Summit. This is your opportunity to hear from our community of researchers and become part of the research community at this innovative event.
Registration can be completed at this page.
  • Opening Day: Thursday, August 6th AZ Time - 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Day Two: Friday, August 7th AZ Time-9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Day Three: Saturday, August 8th AZ Time -9:00 am - 11:15 am
The Research Summit can be accessed via this link which will take all attendees to the MAIN Room for the event. Once in the MAIN ROOM, attendees will be able to access the various break-out rooms for the different presentations and workshops that they decide to engage.
The schedule is located at the menu on the left and several versions are provided based on the manner in which presentations are sorted (by concurrent sessions, workshop sessions, keywords, presenter, etc.). This allows for attendees to access a particular version of the schedule to help plan their conference plans with ease. A complete conference plenary containing all versions may be downloaded and saved if the attendee prefers to do so. 



Mission and Vision

The mission of Knowledge Without Boundaries™ is to provide opportunities that enable practitioner faculty, students, and alumni, to develop and achieve their professional research and scholarship goals and, through scholarly leadership, improve the performance of the organizations and communities they serve. The annual research summit is a continuation of this mission and it upholds the intended vision to encourage the formation of communities of scholarship for practitioner faculty, students, and alumni.


Purpose and Goals

  • To provide an opportunity to engage in an active community of scholarship.

  • To improve the performance of the organizations, communities, and schools served by practitioner faculty, students, and alumni. 

  • To cultivate and sustain a productive community of scholarship to include the production and dissemination of best instructional practices for reaching and teaching the working adult. 

  • To enhance the foundational research and proposal development skills necessary for an engaged practitioner/leader/scholar

  • To inform and illustrate the preparations necessary for planning, preparing, and producing scholarly work.

  • To provide guidance concerning the development of a research agenda as it relates to disciplines of study or fields of inquiry.

  • To develop strategies for writing for publication.

Recent Blogs

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KWB Summit is an opportunity equal to a regional or national conference—and can be viewed within the comfort of our homes or offices!

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Hear about new research studies, and join informal conversations.

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Virtually 'rub elbows' with a large number of researchers, presenters, and conference participants!