Exploring Transferable Leadership Skills in Civic Organizations

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Brett A. Gordon, Ph.D., LL.B.(Hons)

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Dr. Gordon has been teaching online since 2002 and since then has worked for proprietary institutions, as well as, state universities in various capacities. His love of teaching keeps pulling him back into the (online) classroom, so in 2008 he resigned from a local university as the Dean of Academic Affairs to spend more time with family and more time in the (online) classroom. Prior to his current career in academia he worked for 11 years in the pharmaceutical industry in sales management and corporate training & development. In his spare time (which is almost non-existent) he flies with the Air Force Auxiliary as a Navigator on search and rescue missions, and volunteers with Royal Families from around the world on philanthropic endeavors --- only ask if you want a long explanation :) Academically, he holds the following degrees: Doctorate in Organization & Management (Capella University), a Law Degree (University of Essex), a Masters in Project Management (Keller Graduate School of Management), a Masters of Business Administration (Nova Southeastern University), a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution (Florida International University) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Cellular Biology (University of Kansas). He is a firm believer in life-long learning and for the need to remain up-to-date with the latest information that can help people succeed in Business in our global environment.
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Doctoral Degree
Organization & Management
Capella University
Masters Degree
Project Management (MPM
Keller Graduate School of Management
Masters Degree
Business Administration & Marketing (MBA)
Nova Southeastern University
Bachelors Degree
Cellular Biology and Genetics (B.S.)
University of Kansas
Bachelors Degree
Law (LL.B - which is a Juris Doctorate equivalent)
University of Essex
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Peer Reviewer (2014-2017) for the Academic Journal – Journal of Tourism and Management Research by PAK Publishing Group ISSN: 2313-4178
Peer Reviewer (2014-2016) for the Academic Journal – Management and Organizational Studies published by SCIEDU Press. ISSN: 2330-5495 & 2330-5209
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Ph.D., LL.B.(Hons)
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This study will require interviewing participants that hold leadership positions within one of three volunteer organizations. The interviews will attempt to gather information on the participant’s leadership skills and abilities and to determine if any of these were gained while serving in a leadership capacity within the volunteer organization through hands-on experience or training, or if these skill-sets and abilities were gained by other means (e.g. paid work, formal education, etc) and merely put to use within the volunteer organization.

The study will draw participants who serve in a leadership capacity in one of three volunteer organizations. The three organizations are 1) the Freemasons which is an all-male organization, 2) the Junior League of America, which is an all-female organization, and the 3) Rotary Club International which is a co-ed organization.

  • Focus:  Transferable leadership skill sets
  • Factors:  Prior leadership, length of service, & gender
  • Participants:  Top three elected officers of volunteer civic organizations
  • Venue:  Local volunteer civic organizations such as (Masonic Lodges, Junior League, and Rotary) that have all Male, all Female, and Male/Female leadership positions
  • Outcome: Are leadership skills transferable to and from volunteer organizations?
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