Bully in the Ivory Tower: How workplace bullying erodes American higher education

Findings of this text were presented at academic reviewed conference, 9th Annual meeting of Intenrational Association of Harassment and Workplace Bullying in Milan, Italy.


Several studies have examined workplace bullying in the general population or in the K-12 student population. This book examines the manifestation of workplace bullying in American Higher Education Administration. After surveying over 175 four-year colleges and universities in an independent study, Hollis confirms that workplace bullying occurs at alarming rates in higher education. Further, this study calculates the cost of employee disengagement. Staff who have been bullied either seek to separate from an institution or mentally "check out" as a way of enduring a bully. In the midst of souring tuition costs, no organization can afford the millions of dollars lost to employee disengagement due to a bully. After gathering data through surveys and several interviews with administrators in higher education, Hollis develops a model for a healthy workplace specifically for higher education, which is also applicable to the general population. The model offers solutions for the leadership and organizational level, middle managers, and for the bullies who are seeking healthier management strategies. While this book is an academic study, the writing is accessible, reflects on popular culture at times, and considers the urgency of workplace bullying in relationship to cost, potential accreditation issues, and the personal anguish of the target. The findings and solutions are appropriate for executive leadership, middle management or anyone working in higher education.

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Leah P. Hollis
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Bully in the Ivory Tower: How workplace bullying erodes American higher education
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013
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Wimlington DE
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