CWDR Research Communities

CWDR Research Communities

The Center for Workplace Diversity Research is streamlining its different lines of research through CWDR Research Communities.

Under the leadership of one of more members of the Center, the rational behind the Research Communities is to feed clusters of excellence in specific areas, always focusing on results that can bring benefits to our academic community as well to external stakeholders. Those external stakeholders may include organizations and companies that need that research to perform better and face their marketplace challenges on an advantageous condition.

Research affiliates of other Research Centers are welcome to join these Research Communities to increase the synergy among Centers.

The following Research Communities have already started their activities, and a SurveyMonkey to be sent to all affiliates in January will get feedback and suggestions for new communities:


The Workplace Skills Research Community:

  • Leader: Dr. Robert W. Robertson (CWDR Research Fellow 2014) - Orlando, FL


The Design Thinking Research Community:

  • Leader: Dr. Bethany Mickahail (CWDR Research Fellow 2014) - Tracy, CA


The Generations in the Workplace  Research Community

  • Leader: Dr. Pamela Gordon  (CWDR Research Fellow 2015) - Miramar, FL


If you want to be a member of any of these communities or have ideas for other ones, feel free to contact us at 



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