Results of IS&T Outcome Study

Results of IS&T Outcome Study

Recently, the College of IS&T at the University of Phoenix studied academic outcomes in its Master of Information Systems degree program. For those who are not familiar with academic outcome assessment at the University, the effort entails an independent review of specific assignments for particular courses. For the objective "students will be able to develop methods and tools for communication to facilitate satisfactory completion of processes required to manage IT resources (CMGT575, Project Management)", it was found that 100% of the > 55 age sample met or exceeded the specified criteria. A complete breakdown follows:

Age        % met or exceeded criteria
<26        50%
26-35    78%
36-45    75%
46-55    50%
>55       100%

Based on this small sample, we can conclude that age does not negatively impact acquisition or utilization of IT skills. Further quantitative research in this area could be used to assist older IT
workers prove their value in an industry skewing towards the hiring of very young workers.

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