The Perfect Learning Management System for Competency Based Education

The Perfect Learning Management System for Competency Based Education

The perfect competency learning management system does not exist.  I do not mean to burst anyone's bubble with the hope I, or anyone else, has the ultimate solution. Competency based education has become mainstream in most educational institutions and is no longer considered a fad; however, it is still considered a potential game changer in the educational industry. Competency is a different educational instrument.  It offers students a defined set of skills they are capable of performing, rather than theories they learn.

What about the old LMS that is currently used for your traditional courses? Can it be converted to your next LMS solution? Can we use what we already have and make custom changes to give us what we want? Although I do not have all the solutions for your specific situation, I can you tell you that much like competency, there is no one stop solution; however, the good news is the LMS industry is bringing us much closer. Thanks to many investors, grants, and futuristic thinkers, we have a great start in the market. I have a few that I personally like that really pull out all the best parts of competency. They provide great opportunities for students to assess their knowledge, learn the gaps and have the transparency needed to successfully create and launch a program.

Each competency program is different. The structure of the faculty, learning units, and even the assessments vary from school to school; however, customization is always available through LMS solutions.  Pay attention to vendor responses when listening to a presentation. If after every question you ask the vendor says, "We can customize that", do not consider the vendor. Their response means a large amount of money will be required to customize to your specifications and most often it takes time to program and test before the LMS is ready. If your institution has the money and time for something specific, that might be an acceptable decision; however, if every question is answered, "we will customize that for you", the LMS is either not ready for competency or it is not the right solution for your organization.

 The perfect LMS is in the eye of the beholder, or at least it is with your stakeholders. I start with a list of what is most important to everyone to have in a competency based LMS and what the institution or stakeholders would like to have. If you are not even sure what is needed, there are some great resources available on LMS solutions and the correct answers for any LMS demonstration. As always, remember to be specific and thorough with your LMS solutions. It is a big investment for any competency program in terms of time and resources, and in the long term, the right LMS solution will save you both time and money.

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