Is That a Paper Umbrella in My Beer?

Is That a Paper Umbrella in My Beer?

I came across a survey this week called Women’s Attitudes toward Beer Marketing (  It was pretty interesting and aligned with a lot of what I have been thinking about lately; namely, what women think about the branding and marketing of craft beer.  The survey focuses on beer in general, major brands especially, but it includes areas for personal input.  I bet you can guess that I had plenty of input! 

            If you’ve read my first three blogs or follow my YouTube show BeerSnobsTV or look me up on Linked In (where I also blog), you will see that not only do I (a woman) have a passion for beer and brewing, but lots of women do.  In fact, brewing was “women’s work” for a long, long, long time.  It sort of surprises me that beer, wine, and liquor are identified with gender roles.  Beer is inaccurately seen as a man’s beverage.  I arrived at this conclusion based on my keen observation skills.  When I worked as a bartender many moons ago, the Bud Girls made frequent appearances at the bar, but never any Bud Boys.  Beer advertisements over the years are full of images of adventure, scantily clad women, men playing and watching sports, big horses, dogs (man’s best friend), and James Bond types surrounded by silent women instructing the beer drinking target demographic to “Stay thirsty, my friends.”

            A few of the items on the survey addressed how to increase women’s beer consumption.  Respondents check which methods they believe would work to accomplish this goal.  One item addressed packaging and one addressed advertising.  The researcher (or researchers) is looking to see whether people think packaging and advertising should be gender-specific or gender-neutral.  At first, I thought that branding, packaging, and marketing should be gender-neutral.  But then, I got thinking; if the goal is to increase the number of women consumers and to increase the amount of beer women consume, then maybe branding, packaging, and marketing should be gender-specific.  Obviously, my brain didn’t stop there.  If the breweries started campaigning heavily toward women, would men shy away from the products geared toward women?

            Think about this: Which unscented deodorant would you choose, Speed Stick or Secret?  I bet most of the men reading this chose Speed Stick and most women chose Secret.  Kudos to those who thought it doesn’t really make a difference if they both work and both have the same scent—or lack thereof.  So, how can craft beer branding, packaging, and marketing attract women and increase the amount of beer women consume and avoid losing any of the male market?

            Over the past four years that I’ve spent studying Industrial Organizational Psychology, one thing that is clear is the relationship between consumer motivation and behavior.  Are women becoming more motivated to be a part of the craft beer culture?  If so, why?  If not, well, why not?  I guess I have a lot of research to look forward to.

            This is my final blog on the topic of women and craft beer in IO in Action.  I am grateful that this opportunity had led me to a better understanding of the industry, the community, and the history of brewing.  I am excited to continue my research on this topic for my dissertation.  I invite you to follow me along my journey on YouTube, Facebook, and Linked In.





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Kelley Conrad's picture Kelley Conrad | April 27, 2015 1:36 pm MST

Jenni, Thanks for your interesting commentary about women in craft brewing.  It is good to see some women advancing in the craft breweries as brewmasters and managers.  Your blog here and your regular The BeerSnobs blog may encourage women to give this industry a second look.  I have already had the chance to amaze several friends with my encyclopedic knowledge of brewing. :-) Kelley

Jetonga Keel's picture Jetonga Keel | May 2, 2015 7:56 am MST

Hi Jenni,

I enjoyed reading your blog information on the survey on women's attitutudes towards beer marketing. It is interesting as most commercials or advertising techniques appear to be geared towards marketing for men. I personally do not drink beer, but I have noticed how the different commercials appear to be geared towards men. I would be curious to see what type of marketing strategies that would be used to try and increase beer consumption for women. Awesome blog!


Dean Hansen's picture Dean Hansen | May 4, 2015 2:10 pm MST

Hi Jenni! I had not realized you wrote several blogs!  I have enjoyed them all.  As you know, I love your concept of Beer Snob and fully support you if you decide to pursue that.  I believe your interest and knowledge about craft breweries to be instrumental in educating the brewery business!  I enjoyed the blog on women and breweries but am not surprised that women are an important part of brewing history! Great post!  More beer here! 

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