New Bloggers Join CWDR IO Team

New Bloggers Join CWDR IO Team

New Bloggers Join  I-O In Action Blog

We feature HOT TOPICS and invite HOTTER DISCUSSIONS on topics changing monthly among affiliates of the Center for Workplace Diversity Research


Additions to our team of emerging PhDs in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Newest Members of the IO in Action Blogging Team – L to Right in the Photograph

Laurence Hanson, Victoria Sharak, Sydney Spraw, Aaron Sour, Heather Cromwell, Natalie DuMont, Alice Sylvester, Gretchen Lain


Our Plan:  The first Monday of each month a new contributor will introduce the Topic of the Month by posting a stimulating, informative, and challenging topic posting some initial comments.  During the week anyone with interest in the topic is invited to respond and/or contribute.  The lead contributor of the month will monitor posts and respond as appropriate. For the remaining Mondays of the month, the lead contributor will add to the original position piece encouraging additional discussion.  Some features we plan on incorporating are links to other blogs on our site, links to other websites, interesting graphics, interactive games and activities, user surveys, participant profiles, ability to subscribe and be notified when posts occur.

Want something else?  We welcome suggestions.  Send them to

Want to be a contributor?  Send your name, email, I-O interest area, and topic of interest to

Have questions? Email them to

Upcoming Schedule:




Older Worker Revolution – Myths, Retention, & Selection

Laurence Hanson

Oct 5 –Nov 2

Generations in the Workplace

Sydney Spraw

Nov 2 – Dec 7


Aaron Sour

Dec 7 – Jan 4

Bullying and Mobbing in the Workplace

Victoria Sharak

Jan 4 – Feb 1

Employee Turnover in Addiction Treatment Facilities

Heather Cromwell

Feb 1- Mar 7

Leadership & Management

Natalie DuMont

Mar 7 – Apr 4

Wellness in the Workplace

Gretchen Lain

Apr 4- May 2

Government Contracting

Alice Sylvester

May 2 – June 6


We hope you are excited by our plans, we are J.  To make sure our blog shows up, it is important for you to affiliate with the Center for Workplace Diversity Research.  That way you can be notified when a new posting is made and when comments are added.  Being affiliated will also enable you to post comments to the blog.

If you are an IO student or faculty and have a topic on which you would like to blog for a month, please let me know your topic and we will put you on the schedule.  Hopefully, we will all find this a lively and interesting forum for the exchange of IO topical ideas.


Kelley Conrad's picture Kelley Conrad | October 6, 2015 2:41 pm MST

We welcome your participation in the IO Blogging team.  You may participate by adding your comments to any blogging post.  If you would like to be the lead blogger for a month, simply send me an email with your topic and contact information and I will put you on our schedule.  Kelley Conrad

Carlos Tasso Aquino's picture Carlos Tasso Aquino | October 6, 2015 9:55 pm MST

Excellent job, Kelley and team! The Center is very proud of the I/O Blog


Dr. Carlos T. Aquino

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