- Center for Organizational Research

Center for Organizational Research

University Research Chair: Rodney Luster; Senior Research Fellow: Suzanne D. Weston

Mission and Vision


  • To achieve positive contributions to society and to the fields of organization studies and organizational leadership via applied, cross-functional, inter-industry, transdisciplinary research and scholarship. 


  • To create one of the world’s leading centers for applied organizational research and scholarly leadership.

Purpose and Goals

Research Agenda Key Tracks

  • Organization theory
  • Organization behavior
  • Organizational leadership

Value to Members in Advancing Professional Development

  • Enhancing research skills and stimulating long-term, continuous scholarly activity
  • Encouraging integration of research, practice, and teaching in the fields of organization studies and organizational leadership


  1. COR focuses on applied organizational research that bridges multiple perspectives and rigorously integrates across people, practices, institutions, industries, and theories.  Our core belief is that the most interesting knowledge and wisdom comes at the intersection of disciplines. 
  2. The Center is driving toward producing generative and actionable approaches to organization behavior and organizational leadership.  Both organizations and leaders have transformative potential, so COR advances the paradigm of the both leader and the organization as potentiators. 
  3. Potentiating leaders and organizations serve as catalysts for maximizing human and institutional achievements by creating norms of critical reflection, mentorship, optimism, support, transparency, and trust.  We want help organizations and their leaders realize the greatest possible potential.  


Areas Of Research Interest

Organizational Research Organizational Development Organizational Leadership

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