- Center for Management and Entrepreneurship

Center for Management and Entrepreneurship

Associate Research Chair: Brian Sloboda

The CM&E will serve as the home for members within and outside UoPX communities who have an expressed interest or research agenda in the main disciplines of management and entrepreneurship. CM&E members will find collegiality, socialization, and intellectual interactions necessary for an advanced community of research-driven learners and producers of new and useful knowledge.

The CM&E's research objective is to produce new and useful knowledge that contributes value. The CM&E's research focus includes a variety of topics that may be categorized into four tracks: 

(i) Innovation,
(ii) Strategy,
(iii) Talent management, and
(iv) Entrepreneurship.

Research will be cultivated and supported through direct affiliation with the Center and its portfolio of research projects, including research contributions from one of the selected research fellows, research affiliates, grant recipients, or contributing honorary members in the production of research outputs (i.e., conference presentations and or journal publications).

Mission and Vision


The mission of CM&E is to produce meaningful research in collaboration with others within and outside of UoPX communities.


The vision of CM&E is to become a reliable entity that produces a consistent and predictable rate of research productivity in collaboration with others within and outside of UoPX communities.

Purpose and Goals


CM&E has the following three goals that are derived from its mission and vision.

  1. Publish papers in peer-reviewed journals and present research at conferences. 
  2. Institutionalize research processes with appropriate systems, structures, rules, regulations, rewards and other supportive mechanisms conducive to research productivity.
  3. Gain reputation within and outside of UoPX through awards, leadership roles and grants.

Recent Blogs

Costs and Benefits of the Academic Review Process

In this blog I want to present my reflections as a faculty and dissertation chair on the Academic Review Process that launched within the School of Advanced Studies last month.


Areas Of Research Interest

Innovation Entrepreneurship Strategy Spirituality (Business Ethics)

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