Energy Consumption, Green-house Gases Emissions, Water Usage and Waste Practices: Evidence from Top Global 100 Firms in the Area of Sustainability

The project leader for this research project is Ravi Chinta, Ph.D.


Sustainability is a new imperative in the business world. However, there is scant research on factors that drive sustainability at firm-level. Our study examines the effects of gender diversity on Board of Directors, CEO pay levels and firm's R&D intensity on sustainability. Based on data from Global Top-100 Sustainable firms, our study shows that while gender diversity on Board of Directors and R&D intensity have positive correlation on sustainability, CEO pay level is uncorrelated to sustainability. Aggregate analyses in our study revealed a tenuous linkage between sustainability and firm-level determinants. We conclude with implications for managerial practice and future research.

Authors: Chinta, R., F. Sussan and H. Jin

Current (November 2014) Stage of Development: Early version of the paper was presented at a conference in Washington DC on 17th September 2014. Manuscript is accepted for publication in September 2014 in Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability.

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