Adoption of Mobile Technology within Firms (Work in Progress at CME)

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Dr. Migliore's research interests are in the Social Sciences with specialized focus on the psychology of learning and its influence on leadership, behaviors, and change management implications associated with mobile technology and mobile workforces.  Her current research project is "Value Mining the Higher Education Brand using Big Data and Maching Learning - Use Case" - a 2016-2017 Research Fellow project with the Center for Learning Analytics.

She completed her 2014-2015 Research Fellow project, "Mobile Technology and the Employee-Customer-Profit Chain" and it is being disseminated via academic conferences and journals.  This quantitative study focused on the link between technology adaption rates with U.S. retail chains and C-Level understanding (uECP) of the contribution of various types of mobile technologies within the employee, customer, and profit generation processes. Results included a newly created survey instrument, which showed strong internal consistencies and regression models, which showed strong predictive capability on the likelihood to purchase digital technologies.

The next phase of her research focuses on Big Data monetization and return-on-investment (ROI) for building competency-based training curriculums.  Topics include:

(1) Leadership and digital technologies (e.g. Big Data, connected car, and Internet of Everything) for improving performance and gaining competitive advantage. 

(2) Exploring the effectiveness of instructional design practices within 3D and virtual environments for online gaming and interactive learning to improve professional training and collaborative teamwork (e.g. bio-sensing technology and machine learning methods for positively influencing learning processes and behaviors within 3D virtual environments to understand customer needs and the perceived variables that may shift value in a data point).


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Dr. Migliore is an experienced leader, innovator researcher, and inspiring educator with diverse industry experiences in automotive, non-profit, higher education, and mobile technology. She specializes in strategic human resource management and leadership development with focus on competency-based curriculum for the mobile workforce in various organizational functions and industry sectors to empower people with knowledge to lead successful change, improve workplace performance, and inspire innovation. She holds a Ph.D. in Organization Management with HR specialty, provides management consulting and training services, teaches online in the higher education industry, and is published in the areas of personality and cross-cultural research, leadership, corporate governance, and mobile technology.
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Doctoral Degree
Organization Management (HR Specialty)
Capella University
Masters Degree
Health Services Administration
Central Michigan University
Bachelors Degree
Accounting / Finance
Walsh College of Accountancy & Business
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Lead Faculty Area Chair - Research
University of Phoenix - School of Advanced Studies
Thursday, September 1, 2016
University Research Methodologist (URM)
University of Phoenix - School of Advanced Studies
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
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2012 Outstanding Paper Award from Emerald Literati Network: Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal 18(1), 38-54
2016 Best Paper in Session Award by peer-review process from Clute Institute
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"Fast Learning and Leading in All Things Digital" presented at the 2016 Clute International Academic Business Conference, Orlando FL
2018 Distinguished Service Award for Scholarly Leadership
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The project leader for this research project is Dr. Laura-Ann Migliore, Ph.D. She is a dissertation chair at UOPX and is the first 2014 Research Fellow at CME. The research proposal is attached and provides more details of the project.

The research posits that the degree of mobile technology adoption within firms is directly correlated to the strategic fit between the mobile technologies and the employee-customer-profit chain of the firms. Tapping into C-level executives' understanding of the business processes that link employees, customers and profit generation (ECP Chain), the research empirically investigates the linkage between mobile technology adoption and firm's ECP chain. The study also contributes to the empirical measurement of the mobile technology adoption rate. Given the current fast pace of mobile technologies, the findings of this research will add to an understanding of the segments within the larger society that exhibit different levels of technology adoption and yet coexist with one another.

The research proposal has been granted IRB approval in October 2014. Data gathering will be completed in 3 months. Data analysis and manuscript write-up will take another 4 months. Planned date for submission of the research paper to a journal is July 2015.

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