Emerging Tools and Applications of Virtual Reality in Education


This chapter presents some of the methods and approaches that are used in the assessment of student outcomes in 3-D virtual learning environments. Distance learning or eLearning that includes the 3-D virtual learning environments have been increasing dramatically because of the rise in demand by students. Because of this advent in eLearning, assessment of the outcomes is crucial when measuring student learning. In addition to the measurement of student learning, the instructional designers will need assessment of student learning as a means to upgrade the 3-D virtual learning environments and maintain the relevancy of the content for students. Much of the research on measurement of outcomes is based on anecdotal evidence provided by students. A comprehensive examination of assessment of the 3-D virtual learning environment becomes paramount, so educators will have a better idea how to carefully assess outcomes of student learning.

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Book Chapter
Cassard, Anita and Sloboda, Brian
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IGI Global-Disseminator of Knowledge
Chapter 3
Park University
Date Published: 
Monday, January 25, 2016
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Park University, USA
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Dong Hwa Choi, Amber Dailey-Hebert, Judi Simmons Estes

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