Research Fellow Spotlight: Dr. John Johnson

Research Fellow Spotlight: Dr. John Johnson

This spotlight features Dr. John Johnson, 2014 Fellow for the Center for Management and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Johnson has served the School of Advanced Studies for seven years, including chairing dissertations and serving on numerous doctoral committees. Additionally, he is a Senior Partner at Precedent Academics, a small Global Company that provides services to universities. 

As noted in a recent spotlight of his work, Dr. Johnson and his team surveyed 1,000 women who were Entrepreneurs in the Ukraine to understand what barriers they had faced.  This was a capstone project that built on 20 years of research and writing regarding Leadership and Entrepreneurship there.  These studies attracted significant attention in the country. Dr. Johnson and his local colleagues have presented it at various conferences, some of which were sponsored by the US Embassy. He has also been interviewed on radio and television about the project in the Ukraine as well.

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When asked what inspired his research project, Dr. Johnson said, “I was inspired to take on this research by experiences I had when living in Ukraine (from 1994-1999) and by stories shared by my spouse and mother-in-law. Both of them are from Ukraine and helped me realize the challenges that women who are in business there face.  I decided to help and begin looking for grants to initiate my research in this area.”

When asked what he would say to faculty or students considering taking part in SAS research, he said, “It is important to find the right Mentor and choose the best Research Center in which to base your research.” He attributes his success in part to flying out to a Knowledge Without Boundaries event in Chicago and meeting with fellow researchers face-to-face, including his co-author, former Research Center Chair Ravi Chinta, Ph.D. “Virtual cooperation is wonderful, but sometimes for the price of a cheap plane or bus ticket we can meet face to face and build on the synergy that this creates.”

He adds, “Something new and unique is happening at the University of Phoenix in the area of research and this is a great time to be a part of it.  We should take advantage of this historical opportunity to grow with the university in this area.”

Dr. Johnson’s long-term goal is to study these barriers in all of the post-Soviet countries, including Russia. He is currently seeking funding for this effort.

Thank you to Dr. Johnson and his team for representing the University of Phoenix globally and working to help those who need. Best of luck with your next phase of research!

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