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In His Own Words: Center Affiliate Norris Krueger Elected to the Executive Committee of the Academy of Management

Neuroentrepreneurship: REALLY Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Norris Kruger, a member of the Center for Managment and Entrrepreneurship, has edited the new Handbook of Research methodologies and Design in Neuroentrepreneurship.

CME Presents at World Conference


Changes on the Horizon for University-Led Internships

Across the higher education landscape, the years have seen university-led internships go from mandatory to maybe not.

Expanding Innovation Parameters through Newness, Familiarity, and Betterment: What is an Innovation?

As one of the earlier thought leaders on the newness of a thing, Everett Rogers in his Diffusion of Innovation Theory

Understanding and Supporting Female Business Leaders in War-Torn Ukraine

Dr. John Johnson, 2014 Fellow, discusses his inspiration and experiences surrounding researching Ukraine women in business.

Costs and Benefits of the Academic Review Process

In this blog I want to present my reflections as a faculty and dissertation chair on the Academic Review Process that launched within the School of Advanced Studies last month.

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