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Virtual Health Delivery: Getting Started in Health Care Organizations

Virtual Health is becoming increasingly discussed in health care organizations as a way to improve the access of care

Food for Thought

As dissertation Chairs, when we read a student's proposal, how often do we sit back and ask " How can I help this per

Knowledge Without Boundaries: My Phoenix Experience

My background within School of Advanced Studies (SAS) includes six years of online teaching and mentoring of doctoral

Knowledge Without Boundaries Annual Conference Recap

I can't say enough good things about the Knowledge Without Boundaries event held in Phoenix on June 9-11.

The Importance of Responsible Conduct of Research

Learn more about this set of professional standards from Laura Brewer, PhD, Assistant Dean, Research Protection, in the School of Advanced Studies.

Introduction to the Center for Learning Analytics Research

Welcome to the emerging field of learning analytics and the University of Phoenix’s newest research center, the Center for Learning Analytics Research!

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