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Center for Leadership Studies & Organizational Research

Rodney Luster, Ph.D. (Research Chair), Erik Bean, Ed.D. (Associate University Research Chair), and Mark McCaslin, Ph.D.(Associate University Research Chair)

Meet the 2020-2021 Voluntary Virtual Fellows in Residence (VVFR) 

Meet our inagural Virtual Fellow in Residence, Dr. Henry Cooper who also has been nominated by our department for a seat on our new Executive Advisory Board here! 

Also selected for this unique opportunity is Drs. Donte Vaughn, Kim Sanders, and Gena Aikman. Congratulations to all and welcome aboard! 

Fall 2020 Recorded Webinar "Leadership Perspective" Series Coming Soon

Our First Guest: Dr. Mark McCaslin, Former Dean of Research and Scholarship, University of Phoenix.

Join us soon as Drs. Rodney Luster and Erik Bean Interview McCaslin about his upcoming book, Miss-Leadership

The 30 minute recorded interview is expected in either before the holiday break or just after the new year! See the interveiw here


If you see any inacurracies or you are working on a project we may have missed please contact

Mission and Vision

To be recognized, through scholarly leadership,  as the most trusted provider of career-relevant research concerning the practitioner doctorate degree in higher education for advancing the professional life of working adults.

Scholarly leadership is defined as a transformative relationship among experienced and aspiring Scholar/Practitioner/Leaders who intend, through the production and application of research, to advance their professional life and the community of scholarship.

Purpose and Goals

We believe that planning, preparing, and producing effective and efficient research studies are demonstrations of scholarly leadership.

  • We believe in modeling the way towards creating and disseminating educational and leadership research for the purposes of professional development.
  • We exist to inspire, support, and guide the professional development of University of Phoenix faculty through scholarly leadership.

    • Potentiating the development of research and its dissemination with University of Phoenix faculty.
    • Professional development through scholarly leadership.

Position Papers

Recent Blogs

Managing the Stress Arc of COVID-19 and Rapid Onset of Change

As of late, the inclusion of rapid change conditions in the lives of many has become the norm.

Grant Writing 101

Demystifying Grants – A Primer

PART II.The Psychological Shift: Building Resilience Amidst Managed Concern- 3 ways to resource during a crises

One of the major impacts on our psyche is the “fear” reaction.


Areas Of Research Interest

Leadership Studies Scholarly Leadership Transformative Learning Experiential Learning Educational Research

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