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Center for Leadership Studies & Organizational Research

Dr. Rodney Luster, Chair, Dr. Erik Bean, Assoc. Chair


The Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research (CLSOR) regards the spectrum of business and organization as all encompassing, where the potentials of scholar practitioner engagement intersect with industry dynamics to uncover the possibilities that emerge with research applied. CLSOR provides a lens through which leadership and organization may be examined from all vantage points, utilizing the conduits of research and reporting out through major conferences, publications and innovative projects.
From (ILA) The International Leadership Association and (TQR) The Qualitative Report to the (APA) American Psychological Association, CLSOR members can be found at these and many other top tiered conferences working together with other researchers to bring to the table the latest in research concerning the wide prospects of topical matter within the field of leadership and organizational research. We welcome you to the many possibilities the center can offer.

CLSOR Fellows in Residence

Fellows in Residence is one of three conceptual affiliation roles we are rolling out as a a research enterprise. The Center for Leadership Studies began the potential for this role last year and have since ushered in our first cadre of professionals who have assumed the roles for 2021 and now 2022. The Fellows in Residence  is a volunteer role with all the perks of building a working role by helping us produce research, join projects, engage in publishing, being part of the Phoenix Scholar editorial board, presenting, and the list goes on. For more information on this outstanding opportunity, check out the following dedicated site for the role and the other two prominent potentials if you have further interest.

Meet our inaugural Fellows in Residence for 2021-2022! First 2022 Fellows in Residence


Our current research bench of fellows. Each fellow is a professional in industry and a researcher who is part of the CLSOR team of researchers. To find out more about these outstanding individuals you may click on the left side menu options for Fellows in Residence to be taken to their bio.

Dr. Stephen More 

Dr. Henry Cooper

Dr. Kim Sanders 

Dr. Gena Aikman

Dr. Ryan Tierney

Dr. Alana Morales

Dr. Garry Jacobs

Dr. Jared Nieves

Dr. Sai Raghav

Dr. Elvire Daniels

Dr. Jared Nieves


Featured Fellow in Residence Dr. Michelle Reeves

Michelle Reeves Bio


Michelle recently graduated with a Doctorate in Management for Organizational Leadership specializing in Information Systems and Technology (DM/IST) from the University of Phoenix in March 2022. Prior to receiving her doctorate, Michelle obtained her MIS (Master of Information Systems) in 2018, B.S. in IT with a concentration in Information Systems Security in 2016, and A.A. in IT with a concentration in Networking in 2016, all from the University of Phoenix. Michelle was inducted into Epsilon Pi Tau’s Delta Sigma Chapter in 2018, the Golden Key International Honor Society in 2020, the National Society of Leadership and Success in 2020, the Order of the Sword & Shield’s Omicron Sigma Sigma Chapter in 2021, and Delta Mu Delta’s Lambda Sigma Chapter in 2021. Her primary interests include organizational leadership, culture, knowledge management, innovation, business and technology alignment. Specifically, Michelle is interested in understanding gaps in business and technology processes through leaders’ versus technology teams’ perspectives. Outside of academia, she enjoys spending time with her daughters, grandchildren, fishing, and traveling. 

Mission and Vision

To be recognized through the pursuits and outcomes of scholarly research in leadership and organization as the most trusted provider of career-relevant research concerning the practitioner doctorate degree in higher education for advancing the professional life of working adults.

Scholarly leadership is defined as a transformative relationship among experienced and aspiring Scholar/Practitioner/Leaders who intend, through the production and application of research, to advance their professional life and the community of scholarship.

Purpose and Goals

We believe that planning, preparing, and producing effective and efficient research studies are demonstrations of scholarly leadership.

  • We believe in modeling the way towards creating and disseminating educational and leadership research for the purposes of professional development.
  • We exist to inspire, support, and guide the professional development of University of Phoenix faculty through scholarly leadership.

    • Potentiating the development of research and its dissemination with University of Phoenix faculty.
    • Professional development through scholarly leadership.

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