Famed coach offers leadership pyramid

Famous UCLA basketball coach said his leadership arose from a "pyramid" and without it, his teams would have not as reached the success they enjoyed. Affectionately named as the "Wizard of Westwood," he won 10 NCAA national championships in a 12 year period, seven in a row. His 88 consecutive wins earned him an unprecedented national coach of the year title six times.

This article describes how he effectively intertwines success and leadership in such a way that understanding the power of his pyramid can be the elusive road map to success as a school leader.


This article "Famed coach offers leadership pyramid" discusses leadership traits as developed by UCLA basketball coach, John Wooten. Wooten uniquely places his traits: loyalty, friendship, cooperation, enthusiasm, industriousness as the base of his pyramid. His second row of the pyramid is: self-control, alertness, initative, and intentness. The next row; condition, skill, and team spirit are followed by poise and confidence. The pyramid is topped by competitive greatness.

The authors challenge the reader to analyze their own behavior with those pointed out in Wootens Pyramid of Success. The task is to see where they match-up; and, where further self-reflection may indicate a need to embrace the traits of the pyramid in a new found elightenment.

Furthermore, Wooden asks the reader to examine how power and authority is distributed. "Ordinary people" are consistently called upon to do extra-ordinary work. Understanding the pyramids tenets of leadership may allow sustainable imporvement and become a major learning edge in school leadership.

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Journal Article
Dr. Dennis White and Dr. Greg Reynolds
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The Illinois School Board Journal
Vol. 80
No. 2
Illinois School Board Journal
Date Published: 
Thursday, March 15, 2012
Place Published: 
Springfield IL
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Ms. Linda Dawson

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