Computer assisted qualitative data analysis software: A practical perspective for applied research

This paper was originally presented at the 2009 annual ISEOR-Academy of Management conference in Lyon France. The paper was subsequently published in an international journal. 


Computer assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) holds a chequered reputation to date in academia, but can be useful to develop performance metrics in the field of corporate social and environmental responsibility and other areas of contemporary business. Proponents of using CAQDAS cite its ability to save time and effort in data management by extending the ability of the researcher to organize, track and manage data. Opponents decry the lack of rigor and robustness in the resultant analyses. Research reveals that these opinions tend to be divided by “the personal biography and the philosophical stance of the analyst” (Catterall & Maclaran, 1998, p. 207), as well as “age, computer literacy, and experience as a qualitative researcher” (Mangabeira, Lee & Fielding, 2004, p. 170). This paper examines the different perspectives and examines how academics and professionals can work together and learn to mine the values of CAQDAS.

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Journal Article
Baugh, J. B., Hallcom, A. S., & Harris, M. E.
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Revista del Instituto Internacional de Costos
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Sunday, January 31, 2010
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Ángela Jiménez Montañés

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