Changes that make a difference: Attaining a PhD while maintaining an active life

This article was initially developed as part of an ongoing research study into the doctoral journey and presented at the 2010 annual ISEOR-AoM conference in Lyon France. The presentation was later developed into this paper and submitted for publication to an international journal. 


While external pressures have risen astronomically during the economic meltdown worldwide, internal challenges and external pressures that doctoral learners experience along with their mentors and committee members in attaining a Ph.D. while attempting to maintain an active and well-balanced life have risen as well. This paper attempts to identify the differences that make a difference supported by the authors’ experiences, including several Academy of Management doctoral consortiums and professional development workshops, mentoring and committee work, as well as one-on-one consulting with doctoral learners on how to develop and implement an effective data collection and analysis model and how to write the final report. A mixed methodology survey was deployed to provide empirical evidence to uncover the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual developments that recent Ph.D. graduates and current doctoral learners have experienced.

This publication has been peer reviewed.
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Journal Article
Baugh, J. B., Hallcom, A. S., & Harris, M. E.
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Revista del Instituto Internacional de Costos
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Monday, January 31, 2011
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Ángela Jiménez Montañés

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