ILA Barcelona Presenters in Research Spotlight

ILA Barcelona Presenters in Research Spotlight

Top Row: Left to right, CLSER Fellow Lynne Devnew, D.B.A., SAS Student Monigo Saygbay-Hallie, Fellow Jason Flora, Ph.D., and CLSER Chair Mark McCaslin, Ph.D. Bottom Row: Devnew and Fellow Erik Bean, Ed.D. 

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The small University of Phoenix delegation with a big research message who presented at this year’s International Leadership Association (ILA) 17th Annual Conference, Leading Across Borders & Generations, in Barcelona, Spain, October. 14-17, 2015, have several reasons to celebrate. First, being in the research spotlight of an international venue has helped each to reach new audiences to share their leadership theories and findings. Second, each has helped share a rigorous research chronicle that University of Phoenix, the Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research (CLSER) and the School of Advanced Studies (SAS), is a welcomed contributor to the scholarly community, and last, each are already thinking about where to take their research findings next! 

A special thank you goes to SAS Dean, Jeremy Moreland, Ph.D., who helped the delegates with partial funding and CLSER Chair Mark McCaslin, Ph.D. whose idea to offer a support group aboard the CLSER website 14 months prior allowing those interested a chance to build camaraderie spurring research topics and ideas. And what of the 18th Annual ILA Conference?  It will be held from November 2-5, 2016 much closer to home in Atlanta, GA! Dubbed, The Dynamics of Inclusive Leadership, proposals are now open online. Perhaps you’ll consider being part of the next crop of University of Phoenix delegates? Whether held here or overseas, you could have the chance to expand your research audience internationally.

Breakdown of the CLSER delegate topics as published in the ILA program:  Search by name.

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