CLSER delegates ready for ILA Barcelona conference

CLSER delegates ready for ILA Barcelona conference

A small University of Phoenix delegation with a big research message is ready to present at this year’s International Leadership Association (ILA) 17th Annual Conference, Leading Across Borders & Generations, in Barcelona, Spain, October. 14-17, 2015. Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research (CLSER) Chair, Mark McCaslin, Ph.D., put an open call out last fall to all School of Advanced Studies chairs and students aboard the center’s new Website. Several heeded the call and three fellows, Erik Bean, Jason Flora, and Lynne Devnew as well as doctoral student Monigo Saygbay-Hallie and McCaslin, were accepted.

“The purpose,” said McCaslin, “was to nurture the development of conference proposals via a series of webinars and teleconferences to demonstrate the breadth and depth of the type of meaningful research practitioner faculty can complete.” In addition, School of Advanced Studies (SAS) Dean, Jeremy Moreland, spurred the process by providing a stipend to assist with travel, lodging, and registration. University of Phoenix, among several other schools, think tanks, and publishers, are conference sponsors.

“We knew this opportunity could help our practitioners spur important leadership studies contributions and it reflects the type of quality our school maintains,” said Moreland. “This milestone is one example that tells our story, one that academicians may not be aware, University of Phoenix is a welcomed research community contributor.”

And what are the SAS delegates presenting?  Erik Bean, Ed.D., an SAS alum whose research interests include customer experience (CX), teacher immediacy, and social networking lesson plans, will present, A University of Phoenix Customer Experience Research Center Assessment Study. The study is a benchmark measuring the level of CX theory and Website messaging used at the center as well as the persona of its customers, chairs and students, who provided feedback that can improve its offerings and services.

The findings are an important milestone since the use of CX theory in the academy is unknown. Bean also will be taking part in the ILA’s call to meet authors with a series of peer reviewed books he wrote designed to improve teacher and student immediacy using social networking lesson plans.

Fellow Jason Flora, Ph.D., who teaches art history and humanities at Brigham Young University – Idaho, will present, Scholarly Leadership as a Function of Doctoral Mentoring. According to the program, Flora will examine, “An often overlooked aspect of dissertation research is its power to professionally transform the potentials of all concerned – the candidate, chair, and committee. From the lens of experiential learning, the dissertation process becomes a developmental and educational leadership event. The presentation will focus on this topic from the perspective of the doctoral mentor/chair,” (17th Annual ILA Conference Program, para 4).

While both Bean and Flora study aspects of what’s important to doctoral chairs and students, Fellow Lynne Devnew, D.B.A, works on women and leadership, becomes a focus in two presentations. The first is a panel discussion she is chairing entitled, Developing a Leader Identify: Girls Experiential Learning from Work and Play and the second one, is a paper presentation within a symposium, Women Leaders in Context: Women Business Leaders and Female Executives on Corporate Boards, and delves into the challenges women face as developing leaders and while leading. For the paper presentation Devnew said, “We will share a literature review, research plan, and results available at presentation time for an interpretative phenomenological study of women directors’ perceptions of women’s influence on the decision making of U.S. boards of directors in a STEM industry.”  The second paper presenter will be Monigo Saygbay-Hallie, a UOPX doctoral student.  Devnew will also facilitate a table talk on Women and Leadership in Corporations at the conferences Women and Leadership Networking luncheon.

Finally, CLSER Research Chair, McCaslin, will present, The Potential Leader and Integral Leadership, Boundaries, Theories, Practices and Intersections. The latter of which McCaslin said, “Is an orientation to the richness found at the intersection of potential made possible by way of exploring the boundaries, theories, and practices held by integral leadership. Largely, it is an attempt to locate this intersection between the world of good theory and the world of good practice.”

Congratulations to these University of Phoenix delegates. Each of whom will make their international presence known, helping to spur discussions and further research in the leadership and education arena. An arena University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies is proud to be among many contributing schools to advance meaningful research and scholarly thought. 

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