Knowledge Without Boundaries Symposium

Knowledge Without Boundaries Symposium

The School of Advanced Studies recently hosted the 2nd annual Knowledge Without Boundaries symposium, and many of the Center for Healthcare Research fellows were in attendance. We had a great time meeting each other in person, and getting know more about each other's research. We also enjoyed learning about the work being done in other research centers.

CHR Fellows

Pictured (from left to right): Dr. Jared Padgett, Dr. Louise Underdahl, Dr. Stephen Wagner, Dr. James Gillespie, Dr. Lumbe Davis, and Dr. Aravind Kailas.

The executive leadership presentations outlined the plans for developing a research culture at the University of Phoenix. Fellows, faculty, and students had the chance to learn what all the other centers had to offer. Many of us found connections with other research centers which will lead to additional cooperative research projects.

Having only commenced last July, the number of research center articles published in peer-reviewed journals and the number of research conference presentations conducted was impressive. Building on the energy and momentum of this symposium, next year's publication statistics should be even better. The CHR Fellows certainly plan to do our part in raising the bar.

With all the academic presentations going on, we still had plenty of time for fun. A very pleasant evening out helped to further cultivate the friendships and collegiality between fellows from the various centers and the chairs and executive leadership. We all gained new friends by the end of the symposium.

I encourage anyone who is able to attend next year's symposium to go. The event organizers made great strides in developing a collegial culture of research at the University of Phoenix. We are looking forward to sharing our research with students, faculty, other fellows, and our global communities as we move forward in our projects. This is the beginning of an exciting time at the University of Phoenix, and the CHR fellows are very happy to be a part of it.

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