Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform


According to Nowicki (2015) the discussion of healthcare reform and universal health insurance coverage has a long history beginning with Teddy Roosevelt in 1910.  Some believe that our nation is still in need of healthcare reform even with the Affordable Care Act of 2009. Statistics have shown that we have more people insured now then we have had in the past.  If the Affordable Care Act is not a good fit then what would a good healthcare reform look like?  Why hasn’t our government found a way to produce a structure that would help millions of people to gain access to a very important service that are needed? I thought about this and I propose the following:  how about a base price for all procedures regardless of their nature.  For more complex tests, surgeries, and preventative care the price could be adjusted by a set percentage.  We would keep multiple payers but they will provide packages that an individual can put together themselves.  The base package will cost the same and any special services we want or need would cost additional.  Maybe a tier methodology? I have no idea.  What would your plan look like?



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