Convenient Care Clinic Nurse Practitioner Impact Analysis

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Debra Wallace, DNP
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Current research being conducted from the CHERS  of advance studies at UOP is to examine the impact of care in convenient care clinics ( "drugstore clinics") from the perspective of the providers (nurse practitioners). 

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Debra Wallace DNP,FNP-BC

Convenient care clinic nurse practitioner impact analysis
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Work as a board certified family nurse practitioner and teach part time as a nurse educator
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Recent changes in healthcare regulations and the increased availability of health insurance to millions of previously uninsured has created an unprecedented opportunity to provide healthcare outside of the traditional healthcare system such as by nurse practitioners (NPs) in convenient care clinics (CCCs).This study surveyed 59 NPs who practiced at CCCs to explore the impact of their practice. The findings demonstrated that accessibility, convenience, affordability, quality patient care, and treating patient problems were the most impacts. Some of the biggest challenges to CCC practice included lack of care continuity, working alone, limited scope of practice, patient satisfaction and community awareness Overall the impact of NP care provided at CCC had a positive effect and represents a great potential for the expansion of healthcare into the community.

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Leslie Kille's picture Leslie Kille | October 15, 2015 11:22 am MST

Are you looking at the impact of clinics and primary care doctors prescribing psychotropic medications for children, youth, adults and elders with long history of severe mental illness? From reports we are working on within Managed Medicaid , Child Welfare, Long Term Care and special needs populations. 

Dr. Leslie Kille; LCSW

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