Is Prevention and Health Better in Cuba?

Is Prevention and Health Better in Cuba?

The US and Cuba have kept their distance for years. Many Cuban Americans also continue to shun relations with the political side of Cuba… In American we tend to hold onto our differences of opinion for far too long… However, regardless to how you feel about Cuba one thing is certain, they have the best Prevention Model for health care in the WORLD!!!

The rest of the world is aware of this and actually travels to Cuba for training. Additionally, these countries invite Cuban health care providers into their country for training and to learn from their success at preventing added complications for preventable diseases. As one doctor shared when I traveled to Cuba, “America is one of the wealthiest countries but its citizens continue to struggle with declining health due, in many cases, to obesity. Yet, in Cuba we have nearly completely irradiated complications secondary to obesity such as complications due to diabetes.”

What causes Americans to hold grudges to the point of not being willing to learn from others. Just because we don’t agree with the political views of a nation does not mean that nation is not doing something well… It appears as Americans we associate differing political views with ineptness, ignorance, social deviance, and so on… We are taught in Mathematics A+2C+x3D=2CAx3D does not always clearly equal what we would expect. Therefore, I challenge all of my amazing American family members to consider a few things…

Have you lost a loved one due to complications from heart disease, diabetes, or mental illness? If you knew prevention could give you 10 more years with that loved one would you lay down your 55 year grudge with Cuba to learn about what they are doing well to teach your family member how to improve their health, quality of life, as well as increase their longevity?

Consider this… with the wealth of resources we have in the US compared to the lack of resources Cuba has, Americans could take this prevention model and change the lives of a nation. Some in American might still believe if you haven’t worked hard you don’t deserve these options…I challenge you to consider the words a woman from Germany said to us while traveling through Cuba, “I cannot understand how you Americans cannot see health care is a fundamental right to all. When every citizen in your nation is healthy the likelihood of you being healthy and not catching something is improved. What is wrong with you, the world is watching you and is so shocked that you are fighting over whether your neighbor has the right to HEALTH CARE!!!! Shame on all of you…”

Prevention is also fiscally sound. We would save billions of dollars as a nation if more Americans were healthy, babies were born with fewer physical challenges, and/or fewer Americans suffered from the complications of obesity, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases. Think about the number of people at greater risk for early onset and poorer outcomes from cardiovascular disease because they suffered from depression but refused to admit it, suffered silently, and then developing a cardiovascular disease diagnosis.

How willing are you to consider alternatives, in particular a tested model of prevention from Cuba, if we as Americans could change the lives of our nation, increase our longevity, and our quality of life…

Would you be willing to dig deeper into your heart and consider…

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