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Center for Health and Nursing Research

University Research Chair: K. M. Underwood; Senior Research Fellow: Jared D. Padgett

"The Center for Health and Nursing Research is the perfect site for professionals and educators from across the university and alumni dedicated to health and nursing to come together and share knowledge and skills.  The opportunities of support, resources, and research are enhanced by being a part of the center. Aligning to the center strengthens our resolve to work together to improve health care, practice, and education through research, scholarship, and community." Francine Nelson, Ph.D., RN, Associate Dean of Instruction for Doctoral Studies in Nursing and Health Care, School of Advanced Studies

Mission and Vision

Mission: Promote, Expand, Support

The mission of the Center for Health and Nursing Research includes three core components: 
  • Promote health and nursing scholarship regarding the design, delivery, and access to healthcare
  • Expand health and nursing research beyond the traditional silos within the healthcare system to improve patient safety and improve organizational communication
  • Support scholar-practitioner research regarding patient safety, employee safety and satisfaction, and physical and psychological health & wellbeing

Center Vision: Together, Stronger

Become a leading center for research and scholarship in health, nursing, mental health and psychological well-being for University of Phoenix faculty, students and alumni that attracts and includes community-based stakeholders and strengthens research in the field at large.

Brave. Honest. Focused. |   Center for Health and Nursing Research


Purpose and Goals

Center Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Center for Health and Nursing Research is to invite and support the collaboration of scholars, educators, students, and professionals to both discover and apply improvements in healthcare safety, delivery, and administration. This is supported by viewing healthcare as a system, where each part of the system may affect other, seemingly unconnected systems. Improvements in one area will cascade throughout the system to affect positive change in other systems. This systems perspective may also be supported through the implementation of High Reliability Organization (HRO) theory. HRO theory was developed through interdisciplinary research in fields including public safety, military, nuclear power, commercial aviation, and healthcare. Through collaboration, new discoveries may be integrated quickly into practice, which will serve to improve the rate of adoption and contribute to positive changes within the system. This will be evident in the improvements in patient care, satisfaction within the workplace, and lowered costs, while also improving responsiveness to regulatory requirements.


As part of an advanced community of scholars, affiliates review, dialog, and participate in a variety of activities aimed at promoting health research within the University and increasing access to scholarly publication and engagement. Affiliates have the opportunity to share writing and research through multiple platforms found on the Center site, such as research blogs, book reviews, research reviews, and SIG development.

Membership with the Center for Health and Nursing Research provides graduate and doctoral students, faculty, and alumni with critical access to resources for scholarship and research. 

Brave. Honest. Focused. |   Center for Health and Nursing Research

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Healthcare Nursing Patient Safety High Reliability Organizing Healthcare Management

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