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Center for Global Business and Information Technology Research

Research Center Chair: Rodney Luster
We are in the Digital Economy. Digitization has changed the way we communicate (e,g., one-way vs. two-way, synchrnous vs. asynchronous) and deal with information (e.g., abundance vs. scarcity). Digitalization (i.e., leveraging digital technologies) has changed the way we live and work. With the onset of service-dominant logic of all businesses, coupled with the reality of a shared economy and a gig economy, businesses need to rethink how to connect with their customers or users.  We need to view businesses as multi-sided platforms or matchmakers.  In the digital economy, businesses are to co-create value with their customers.
With digital technology as the backbone and digital economy as an overall theme, this Center researches on macroeconomic issues, financial markets, governments, public policies, international business, marketing, and information systems around the world including the United States.     

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Center is to empower its members in their research capability and productivity.
The Center applies the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies practitioner-scholar model with special emphasis on digital economy research.
The Center aims to conduct research with both internal and external stakeholders.
In the longer term, the vision of the Center is to generate research that adds value to communities around the world.

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Center is to enable members to start or expand their research portfolios that lead to publications. 
The goal of the Center is to assist each member to engage in productive research.

Areas Of Research Interest

Digitization Public Policy Quality of Life Information System Finance

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