Learn How to Write Grant Applications for Research Funding

Learn How to Write Grant Applications for Research Funding

You are invited to join an online workshop, “How to Write Grant Applications for Research Funding” presented by Dr. Keri Heitner, Research Fellow and Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi, Research Chair leading the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR).  

This is part of UOPX/SAS Education Research Centers’ Advancing the Practitioner’s Professional Life (APPLe) webinar series; sponsored by the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) and Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research (CLSER).   

The workshop is a hands-on, online webinar of three sessions consisting of:

  1. An overview of the process of grant writing
  2. Researching and identifying appropriate funding sources
  3. Writing a winning proposal.

The workshop will concentrate on the information faculty need in order to use grant writing as an effective conduit to supporting their research efforts.

RSVP: educationaltechnology@phoenix.edu 

About the Workshop

In this workshop, you will locate and respond to an open request for proposal (RFP) as if you were going to compete for the opportunity.  An RFP is an invitation for vendors to submit a proposal for funding. 

To qualify for this workshop, the RFP must:

  • be offered by a public agency or private foundation.
  • be open or have been opened during the past 12 months.
  • be one for which you (a university faculty member) is eligible to respond.
  • be appropriate to the mission and scope of your research agenda.

Workshop Agenda and Dates

Session 1: Researching and Evaluating Funding Sources and RFPs

Oct 22, 4-5 pm Arizona Time

Session 2: Understanding and Rationale for RFP

Nov 12, 4-5 pm Arizona Time

Session 3: RFP Response

Dec 10, 4-5 pm Arizona Time

Registration is required; please register by contacting:  EducationalTechnology@phoenix.edu

Workshop Syllabus

Pre-Session 1 Assignment: Participants will research public and private funding sources in preparation for selecting an appropriate RFP or submitting a proposal to a private foundation for a given research project. See the suggested sites/foundations.

Session 1

"Process Overview" Workshop time will be divided between discussing how to identify and review appropriate funding sources and searching for funding opportunities.

Session 2 Assignment: Justify an RFP or funding opportunity and project.

Session 2

"Understanding and Rationale for RFP"  Participants will demonstrate a clear understanding of the RFP or application guidelines selected, including how the RFP or guidelines pertain to their research agenda and its appropriateness to a given research or organization goal. Class time will be spent on presentations, discussion, and understanding selection criteria. 

Come to the online workshop with a 5-minute presentation on the funder selected, the RFP or application guidelines, and the appropriateness to the organization and project. The presentation may be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or in any format with which you are comfortable. 

Session 3 Assignment: review and do a rough draft of your response, organized by the selection criteria and/or the application guidelines.

Session 3

"RFP Response" Participants will review and understand the elements required to respond to the RFP or submit an application.  Participants will outline a draft response and identify the type of content needed for each section in order to meet the selection criteria or application guidelines.

Come to the online workshop a 10-minute presentation on your rough draft. Include questions you have re: needed content, which areas you are finding most difficult to address, etc. The presentation may be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or in any format with which you are comfortable. 

Related Resources

Online Resources

There are many sites you may access to find an appropriate RFP or foundation.  Some of the most common sites for finding RFPs are as follows:

Additional Resources

  • Locke, L. F., Spirduso, W. W., & Silverman, S. J. (2013). Proposals that work: A guide for planning dissertations and grant proposals (6th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Miner, J. T., & Miner, L. E. (2013). Proposal planning and writing (5th ed.). Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood.
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