Early Career Symposium - Accepting Applications

Early Career Symposium - Accepting Applications

AECT’s Research and Theory Division will be hosting the 2015 Early Career Symposium sponsored by the National Science Foundation: Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies. The symposium will be held at the annual AECT International Convention on Tuesday, November 3 (full day) and Wednesday, November 4 (half day), 2015, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The symposium will engage participants in a day and a half of focused career mentoring and networking. 

The symposium will reimburse each participant with the following:

  • $375 for transportation
  • 2 nights at the convention hotel (at convention rates)
  • Convention registration fee ($220 for graduate students, $425 for faculty)

The intended outcomes of the Early Career Symposium include:

  • Mentoring of doctoral students into the social/professional network as partners in ideation, prototyping, idea execution, and knowledge curation;
  • Supporting early-career faculty and doctoral students in developing viable short- and long-term cyberlearning research agendas;
  • Providing specific feedback and guidance to early-career faculty and doctoral students about their research agendas (e.g. how to build a research agenda, pursue funding, and maintain successful collaborations);
  • Expanding and strengthening the cyberlearning community by creating a community of researchers committed to designing the next generation of learning technologies and increasing understanding of how people learn in technology-rich learning environments.

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