Advancing the Practitioner’s Professional Life (APPLe) - Your Expectations

Advancing the Practitioner’s Professional Life (APPLe) - Your Expectations

Important Program Announcement


The School for Advanced Studies Centers for Educational Research are pleased to announce the launching a new professional development series for University of Phoenix Doctoral Dissertation Faculty. The series; Advancing the Practitioners Professional Life (APPLe) begins with a listening session on April 23rd, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. EDT.  The APPLe series is purposed at becoming a storehouse of resources and professional development opportunities for University of Phoenix dissertation faculty. Please join us and come prepared with your ideas and energy!

  • Stimulating thoughtful/thought-provoking inquiry in educational research
  • Potentiating purposeful interdependent research through a supportive community of scholarship.
  • Catalyzing principled response/responsibility to the field education.

The details are given below.

Purpose: To explore and identify University of Phoenix faculty needs for conducting research and expectations from the research centers. 

Format: Synchronous Discussion WebEx meeting followed by asynchronous discussion via center forums

 Date: April 23, 7 pm EST for synchronous discussion, 24-25 April for asynchronous discussions


STEP 1: Invitation

University Research Chairs will send invitations to the center affiliates to join the meeting. The invitation will include explanations about the purpose of the meeting and the following discussion prompts.

  1. What are your professional needs as a UOPX dissertation chair?
  2. What are your perspectives, experiences, challenges, and issues related to conducting and publishing your research?
  3. How can the research centers help you in achieving your scholarship goals?
  4. What are your potential contributions to the research centers?


University Research Chairs ask participants to think about the prompts and be ready to discuss them in the synchronous meeting. Interested participants may inform the centers about their participation by contacting:

STEP 2: Synchronous discussion (1 hour)

University Research Chairs explain the purpose of the meeting and invite participants to share their responses about the discussion prompts.

STEP 3: Synchronous discussion and wrap up (The discussion is open for two days)

Following of the synchronous discussion, participants will join asynchronous discussion forums in the centers’ discussion forums and reflect on synchronous meeting and their responses.              

University Research Chairs provide conclusions for the discussion.


Mansureh Kebritchi

University Research Chair

Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research


Mark L. McCaslin

University Research Chair

Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research







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