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Motivation Grows from Vocation

Find motivation when you find your calling.

Tips for Preparing a Successful Research

Blog tips represent a consensus from several experienced researchers. We hope the following tips are helpful for CEITR affiliates for preparing successful research and manuscripts for publication.

Indigenous Language Revitalization using Technology and Pedagogy

This blog explores the revitalization of indigenous languages using technology and best practices in pedagogy.

Procrastination is common: You are not alone

Procrastination is crippling and common. Read one writer's account of overcoming procrastination through gaining greater awareness and humor.

Research Activity and Insights

As a research fellow in the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research, my focus has been the impac

CEITR at 2015 AECT Convention Reflection

Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi, Research Chair, reflects on CEITR's participation at this year's AECT Convention.

Cultural Interactions and eLearning: Can Collaborative and Social Media Tools make a Difference?

There is increasing interest and debate within the research community on the role that collaborative virtual technolo

Excellence in Leadership

I would share my appreciation for

Five Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Research Center and Chair

Research Center Chairs continuously work to better serve their Center’s members by offering a number of scholarly act

How to Be a Quality Dissertation Chair

Chairing a doctoral dissertation is a very rewarding and challenging mission. Doctoral dissertation chairs guide doctorate candidates through the last stage of their higher education and toward the completion of their journey. To successfully fulfill such a mission, a chair plays multiple roles.


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