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The Scholar Practitioner: A Thoughtful Force, A Force for Change

Many of us in the University of Phoenix doctoral community have recently been involved in discussions regarding the s

A Salute to our Military Students and a Special Congratulations to our Dr. Thomas Clark, UOP Alumnus, 2018

The University of Phoenix, College of Doctoral Studies, is  proud of all our military students and this month UOP is

Coaching doctoral students as they develop their Personal Learning Networks

Doctoral students and faculty in online programs often feel as though they are working in isolation with little commu

Working in Groups

Working in Groups


Getting Research Ready—More tips to get you ready to write


SAS as Medium, Knowledge as Message: Marshall McLuhan and Hot Synergy in the Research Hub

When Marshall McLuhan published Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man in 1964, he posed a bold new para

Celebrating Accomplishments in 2018

Greetings CLSER Members,

Getting Research Ready - First Steps

Here are some tips that might help with writing when there seems to be no time available. 

Details in our Academic Review: Creating our Best Professional Image

For those who may not know me very well, my family and I reside in Celebration, Florida which is located right outsid

Adventures in Writing

Adventures in Writing



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