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An Amazing Person: Dr. James Barr

This is about an amazing 80-year-old doctoral graduate, Dr. James Barr.

COVID-19: Reshaping How We Work and Learn Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us as a nation to change the way we view normalcy and operate as it pertains to comp

A teachable moment for Counselor Education

A Teachable Moment for Counselor Education: Covid-19

Conducting social science research in the age of social distancing and work from home

The new social circumstances of working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak have transformed many aspects of our l

January 2020 CEITR Publications and Presentations

CEITR Publications and Presentations: January 2020

Publishing within a year: The fun continues

One innovative team's experience writing, submitting, and publishing within a year

Recognizing Imposter Syndrome among Doctoral Students

There’s no denying that our doctoral students are high achievers.  The time, effort, and cost of a doctoral degree re

Exploring KWB 2019: Dr. Elizabeth Johnston, EdD and Dr. June Cade, EdD

June 23, 2019

Dialectic Pedagogy and Teacher Appreciation

I was fortunate to serve a public-school district as a school administrator for 17 years.  Before that I worked as a

The Scholar Practitioner: A Thoughtful Force, A Force for Change

Many of us in the University of Phoenix doctoral community have recently been involved in discussions regarding the s


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