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Research Study Design and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Are You Factoring For It?

Panel Presentation on the Impact of Social Distancing on Research Methods

Working Remotely for a NYC Hospital from a Human Resources Perspective during a Pandemic by Dr. Suzanne Jesnes

The NYC hospital is a top-rated specialty hospital, which focuses on elective surgeries improving the quality of life

Effective Communication within Virtual Teams during COVID-19

The growth of virtual teams during the ongoing pandemic has increased the need for effective virtual communication.  Yet, virtual teams are challenged with achieving effective communication across multiple time zones.  This blog is a discussion of ways to achieve effective virtual communication.

COVID-19: The New Norm of Balancing Academic and Work Life

     Can we truly be effective in our academics and jobs by working from home?

Caring for a Special Needs Child During the Crisis

This article is responsive to the call for participation in responding to Covid-19 crisis. I provide an up-close and personal viewpoint into caring for a special needs child during the pandemic by exploring the issues, implications, and effective strategies for home schooling.

Responding to COVID-19 Crisis: Working Remotely

COVID-19 crisis has wreaked havoc on the lives of Americans and people globally.  Once hearing about the outbreak, ma

The Answer is Educational Technology

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed several questions for education in the United States and around the world; education technology is the answer.

Social Distancing and its Implications for Conducting Research Related to COVID19

This blog discusses the global impact of the novel Coronavirus Pandemic.  It describes a particular focus on social distancing, its implications for conducting research, and best practices for transitioning to online education.


An Amazing Person: Dr. James Barr

This is about an amazing 80-year-old doctoral graduate, Dr. James Barr.


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