Technology in the classroom: For now and the future

Technology in the Classroom for Now and the Future from KendalHunt  is designed for use throughout the teacher education curriculum. The chapters offer a multitude of ideas to enhance courses, including technology integration with literacy, social studies, science, mathematics, early childhood, special education, and ESL. A second section offers technology use with models of teaching, the technology standards, legal issues, student assessment, e-portfolios, aiding in certification testing, reflective teaching, and governance. Written by experts in each area, this edited book can be used as a continued resource throughout a teacher education program as students advance through their educational technology courses, method courses, and onward for their beginning courses through their advanced teacher preparation. This volume could also serve as a professional development tool for inservice work. Chapters are thoughtfully framed with theory, online references, best practices, and lesson ideas. Technology in the Classroom is also a rich instructor resource for teacher educators who work with undergraduate or graduate students.

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Nath, J. L., & Chen, I.
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Technology in the classroom: For now and the future
KendallHunt Publishing Company
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Thursday, January 15, 2015
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Dubuque, IA
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Nath, J. L., & Chen, I.