Johnston, E., Kortens, A., Schonhofen, M., & Shaw, B. (2012, 2012), Symposium Introduction (to Design). Journal of Leadership Studies, 5: 52–71 (4). doi: 10.1002/jls.20243


This symposium’s focus is on connections that might be forged between leadership theory and practice, leadership development, and the theory and practice of design. Our intent in exploring the narratives of and literature about designers is to understand and appreciate how the design leadership crucible might forge more effective research approaches, generative pedagogical experience, and produce more effective leaders who can address adaptive problems. The guest editors and authors for the symposium are Elizabeth Johnston and Anthony Kortens. The symposium includes an introduction to the topic of design using current literature, incorporating a report on a series of conversations with two individuals who have enjoyed long and successful careers in design and leadership. These individuals, Michael Schonhofen and Ben Shaw, were contributing partners who shared their experiences as designers and leaders, as well as tirelessly reviewed the symposium documents and offered insights, interpretations, and suggestions.

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Journal Article
Johnston, E., Kortens, A., Schonhofen, M., & Shaw, B.
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Introduction to Design
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