Rise of Social Media on the Job - Teach Students Real-World Applications

Instructional stratgies instructors can be used to prepare students to leverage social media. Best practice approaches to teach students how to use tools such as Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube.


The 21st century learners entering the business world must know how to leverage technology to operate successfully in the business world.  In most business education programs, soft skills such as communication are usually apart of the core curriculum.  With the recent development of social media, many business programs have recognized it is essential to incorporate skill development in the area of social media in various courses such as a business communication course; however, real-world applications of how to leverage social media requires further investigation.  Best practice approaches to integrate social media into the learning processes are investigated in this researc.  For this research, the following social media tools will be investigated LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  The research will provide practical instructional strategies to encourage meaningful learning activities for students. The focus will be on how to develop the curriculum purposefully to support student learning of real-world business use of social media

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Conference Proceedings
Regina Henry
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International Handbook of Academic Research and Teaching
Volume 28
Summer 2013
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Proceedings of Intellectbase International Consortium
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David King, Wenting Xie & Reviewers Task Panel (RTP)

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