Relation between big five personality traits and Hofstede’s cultural dimensions: Samples from the USA and India


Purpose – The purpose of this study is to quantitatively assess the inter-relational aspects of
personality traits, using the five-factor model of personality, and Hofstede’s five dimensions of nationalculture for work-related values to evaluate the differences between the US and Indian cultures.

Design/methodology/approach – The research method is quantitative and samples include
qualified online-panel respondents, representing educated and experienced business professionals who use the internet. Data analysis includes Pearson correlation and multiple analysis of variance. Sample results show large differences in all five cultural dimensions as compared to Hofstede’s 1980 data.

Findings – Changes in work-related values may reflect the influence of advances in communication and internet technologies, offering insight toward problems associated with global multicultural projects. Correlations between personality traits and cultural dimensions exist for certain occupational-job categories, and provide insight on leadership characteristics.

Research limitations/implications – Limitations include self-reported responses via a web-based survey, rather than actual observations in the workplace.

Practical implications – Technical and cultural competence is needed for global leaders, especially with increased use of the internet and networked environments. Navigating through cross-cultural situations requires cultural insight, interpersonal skills, and an ability to build trust.

Originality/value – This study extends Hofstede’s 1980 original research by acquiring new,
cross-culturally comparative data. It also extends the original research of Donnellan et al., regarding the Mini NEO assessment. The study provides confirmatory analysis to the exploratory work of Smith and Bond and McCrae, but only for one of the three predicted correlations: extraversion with individualism.

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Journal Article
MIgliore, L.A.
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Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal
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Monday, January 31, 2011
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