Leadership & Organizational Culture

Leaders or Boards of Directors often believe the culture of their organization is in need of change. Sometimes the organizational culture is in need of change; other times it is not. In today's global marketplace, it is important for leadership to make the right decision. There are proven success steps leaders need to follow to bring about cultural changes in their organizations. This book provides the steps and questions for leaders to address relative to whether their organizations are in need of a change. It asks leaders to consider their leadership style, to look at what other organizations have done, to set goals and timeframes, the organization's vision and mission statements - all before making a final decision about whether there is a need for changing the culture. The importance of effective communications can make the difference in whether an organization succeeds in changing. Too often leaders believe providing information about how an organization is changing is the same as communicating how and why an organization is changing. Nothing is further from reality. Followers need to understand how organizational changes will affect them personally. Because many followers are not comfortable with change, conflicts often arise. This book discusses how organizational leaders can foresee and prevent some conflicts from happening and how to deal with the conflicts that do arise. Lastly, the book outlines the steps leaders need to follow to ensure a successful change in their organizations. Too often leaders do not outline a plan of action the leads to a successful change. Without a plan of action, leaders often don't stay the course, ensuring failure of the organization.

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Dennis Clodi
Richard Schuttler
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Leadership & Organizational Culture
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013
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Dennis Clodi and Publisher

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