Leadership Derailment: Leadership and Emotional Intelliegence

Research was focused on the predictive, quantitative examination of two constructs: emotional intelligence and transformational leadership to investigate the relationship to leader derailment behaviors.


Research has found the organizational base rate for leader failure to be 65-75%, with
75% of employees reporting leaders as the most stressful aspect of their employment.
Despite these findings, little research has examined the particular leadership constructs,
such as emotional intelligence (EI), transformational leadership (TL) style, and leader
derailment behaviors (DBs), which may predict derailment. The purpose of this
quantitative, nonexperimental study was to examine if leader DBs are best predicted by
the relationships of EI (Hypothesis 1) or TL style (Hypothesis 2) among a military
industrial organization. The theoretical foundations of the study were based on the
Goleman theory of emotional intelligence, the Bass theory of transformational leadership,
and the Hogan socioanalytic theory. A convenience sample of 135 military-industrial
leaders was recruited through leadership associations, leadership forums, and
professional and social media. The leaders were assessed for EI via the Emotional and
Social Competency Inventory, for TL with the Global Transformational Leadership
Scale, and for DBs with the Hogan Development Survey. Two regression analyses
(standard and bivariate) were performed to test the 2 hypotheses. Regression models were
not statistically significant; therefore, the null hypotheses were retained. These findings
are applicable for organizational psychologists, who may use these findings to reorient
their focus away from EI and TL as applicable predictors of derailment dispositions. This
study is also useful for future researchers, as its findings recommend operational
definitions of dispositions and traits which best describe DBs.

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Dr. Matthew Anderson, Sr.
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Leadership Derailment: Leadership and Emotional Intelliegence
Lambert Academic Publishing
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Monday, November 16, 2015
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