How interdisciplinary methodology improves motivation, creativity, and critical thinking


The research questions in this study explore the view that interdisciplinary methodology can improve motivation, creativity and critical thinking. Results show widespread opinion that excessive curricular duplication can be alleviated by integrating disciplines. Survey responses also reveal a pervasive frustration with decreasing opportunities for critical thinking in the classroom. Two questionnaires were distributed to educators in various disciplines throughout the country. Responses of note were the disparity between administrative and teacher opinion of administrative support for independent thinking, the necessity for adequate planning time, organization and resources for interdisciplinary programs, and a widespread dissatisfaction with available professional development programs. Most interest in interdisciplinarity was at either end of the educational spectrum; gifted and special education.

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Laura Policar
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ProQuest Dissertations Publishing
ProQuest Dissertations Publishing
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
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Ann Arbor
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9780549381716, 0549381716
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