How to collect rent and other adventures in property management

A must-read for current landlords and would-be investors of residential income property! Packed with information about the nuts and bolts of property management including real-life stories illustrating exactly what a landlord can expect when managing rental properties. Some of the stories are funny, some are sad, and some are strange – but all of the stories are 100% true. Plenty of books on the market explain the “how-to” of property management, but those books focus on the business, legal, and accounting aspects of being a landlord. Most property management books lack the human experience of being a landlord…and property management is a human experience full of surprises! After reading How to Collect Rent and other adventures in property management, you will know if you even want to pursue residential income properties as an investment. For those of you who already manage your own rentals, you will gain more knowledge on how to become more effective as a landlord. You will learn how to handle the entire cycle of being a landlord from vacancies, showing properties, handling disgruntled tenants, evictions, and more

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Taylor, E. J., & Blum, D
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How to collect rent and other adventures in property management.
Emerson Street Press
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